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Tim Laughlin / Tom Morley
“Talkin’ Swing”
(JAZZOLOGY JCD 315) May-July 1997

Talkin' Swing - CD cover art
“...preserving here the real essence of swing!”
    -  The Mississippi Rag
Track Listing:

  1. I Found A New Baby
    (Spencer Williams/Jack Palmer)
  2. Jubilee (Hoagy Charmichael)
  3. Yellow Dog Blues
    (W.C. Handy)
  4. Perdido (Duke Ellington)
  5. Crescent City Moon
    (Tim Laughlin)
  6. Crescent City Moon:
    Corrina Corrina/South/
    San Antonio Rose*
    (p.d./Bennie Moten/Bob Willis)
  7. Old Man River
    (Jermone Kern)
  8. Lullaby Of Birdland
    (George Shearing)
  9. Hesitation Blues
    (W.C. Handy)
  10. Wing It (Tim Laughlin)
  11. September Song
    (Kurt Weil)
  12. Tiger Rag (Nick Larocca)
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Tom Morley, violin; John Royen, piano; Hank Mackie, guitar; Hal Smith, drums; Al Bernard, bass

Tim Laughlin
“Blue Orleans”
(Good Time Jazz GTJCD-15004-2) 1996

Blue Orleans - CD cover art
“ambitious...imaginative...adventurous...delightful throughout!”
    -  Jazz Journal International
Track Listing:

  1. Farewell Blues
  2. Blue Orleans
  3. Limehouse Blues
  4. King of the Mardi Gras
  5. Buddy Bolden's Blues
  6. Palesteena
  7. Savoy Blues
  8. Lonesome
  9. Panama
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Connie Jones, trumpet; Kevin Clark, trumpet; Al Barthlow, trombone; Mike Genevay, bass trombone; Tony Dagradi, tenor sax; David Torkanowsky, Organ; Johnny Vidacovich, drums; John Royen, piano; Hal Smith, drums; Matt Perrine, bass/sousaphone; Hank Mackie, guitar; And Others...

Tim Laughlin / Tom Fischer
“New Orleans Swing”
(JAZZOLOGY JCD 265) December 1995

New Orleans Swing - CD cover art
“Laughlin is a confident improviser with not only a warm, round sound but the contrapuntal skills to engage one of the most challenging contexts extant, the two-clarinets front line.”
    -  Jazztimes Magazine
Track Listing:

  1. I Want To Be Happy
  2. Basin Street Blues
  3. King of the Mardi Gras
  4. Burgundy Street Blues
  5. Shine
  6. St. James Infirmary
  7. Little Rock Getaway
  8. Memories of You
  9. Ice Cream
  10. Blue Turning Grey Over You
  11. Sweet Georgia Brown
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet and leader; Tom Fischer, clarinet, alto and soprano saxophones; John Royen, piano; Hank Mackie, guitar; Hal Smith, drums; Al Bernard, bass.

Tim Laughlin / Jack Maheu
“Swing That Music”
(JAZZOLOGY JCD 245) 1995

Swing That Music - CD cover art
“Critics Choice -- 1997
Top 5 Albums of the Year”
    - Jack Sohmer, Jazztimes Magazine
Track Listing:

  1. The Fish Vendor
  2. Creole Love Call
  3. High Society
  4. The Mooche
  5. It's Alright With Me
  6. Blue Orleans
  7. Panama
  8. My Inspiration
  9. Old Fashioned Love
  10. Swing That Music
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin and Jack Maheu, clarinets with John Royen, piano; Hank Mackie, guitar; Al Bernard, bass; Hal Smith, drums.

Tim Laughlin
“New Orleans’ Own”
(JAZZOLOGY JCD 205) July 1991

New Orleans' Own - CD cover art
“Laughlin’s smoothly appealing low register and confident piping highs are spotlit: he plays a flowing line...”
    - Downbeat Magazine
Track Listing:

  1. Milneburg Joys
  2. What A Wonderful World
  3. Lulu's Back in Town
  4. Darkness On The Delta
  5. Quincy Street Stomp
  6. Do You Know What It Means
    To Miss New Orleans
  7. South Rampart Street Parade
  8. When The Saints
    Go Marching In
  9. Mama's Gone Goodbye
  10. Louisiana Fairytale
  11. Handful Of Keys
  12. New Orleans
  13. Wolverine Blues
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Connie Jones, trumpet; Al Barthlow, trombone; Tom Fischer, tenor sax; John Royen, piano; Hank Mackie, guitar; Jim Black, bass; Hal Smith, drums

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“We Put the Fun in Funeral”
copyright © 2009 Tim Laughlin

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A New Orleans Jazz Funeral is a celebration of life and love.  

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Tim Laughlin
“The Trio Collection - Volume 2”
(Gentilly Records) February 2017
The Trio Collection Volume 2 cover art

“ A fine disc by three artists dedicated to jazz history,
swing, and playing pretty for the people. ”
- Tom McDermott  Offbeat Magazine

Track Listing:
  1. Thanks A Million
  2. All By Myself
  3. Gert Town Blues
  4. Wolverine Blues
  5. Cabin In the Sky
  6. Pontchartrain Blues    
  7. Roundabout
  8. La Vie En Rose
  9. I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling
  10. Messin' Around    
  11. Up A Lazy River    
  12. There's Yes, Yes In Your Eyes
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; David Boeddinghaus, piano; Hal Smith, drums

Tim Laughlin
“The Trio Collection - Vol. I”
(Gentilly Records) April 2014

The Trio Collection Volume 1 cover art

“ Tim Laughlin's music brings nothing but joy;
look out, here comes more joy ”
  - Mick Carlon  Jazz Times/Author of Travels with With Louis/Riding on Duke's Train

Track Listing:
  1. Must be Right, Can't Be Wrong
  2. As Long as I Live
  3. You're Lucky to Me
  4. If I Could Be With You
  5. My Baby Just Cares For Me
  6. New Orleans
  7. Oh, Daddy Blues
  8. It's A Lovely Day Today
  9. Old Rugged Cross
  10. Lullaby of the leaves
  11. The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else
  12. I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
  13. Esplanade
  14. Nice Work If You Can Get It
  15. It's the Talk of the Town
  16. Saturday Night Is The Loneliest Night of the Week
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; David Boeddinghaus, piano; Hal Smith, drums

Tim Laughlin
“If Dreams Come True”
(Gentilly Records) March 2011

if dreams come true cover art
This CD is 'Download Only'
Track Listing:
  1. It's Been So Long
  2. If You Were The Only Girl In The World
  3. Wang Wang Blues
  4. It's Wonderful
  5. If Dreams Come True
  6. Tears
  7. New Orleans and A Rusty Old Horn
  8. My Buddy
  9. Tishomingo Blues
  10. Si Tu Vois Ma Mere
  11. It's A Wonderful World
  12. The Best Thing For You Would Be Me
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Connie Jones, cornet/vocals; John Sheridan, piano; Ed Wise, bass; Danny Coots, drums; Larry Scala, guitar

Tim Laughlin
“The Making of 'If Dreams Come True'” DVD
(Gentilly Records) March 2011

Making of 'if dreams come true' cover art'
About the DVD:
Filmed by acclaimed documentary filmmaker Patrick Shen,
this video shows 'a day in the life' of these professional musicians
as they work to produce the music CD "IF Dreams Come True"

This DVD features candid video, casual conversations and interviews
with the band members.

Price: $10.00

You Tube of Making of 'if dreams come true See a clip on YouTube
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Connie Jones, cornet/vocals; John Sheridan, piano; Ed Wise, bass; Danny Coots, drums; Larry Scala, guitar

Tim Laughlin
“A Royal St. Serenade”
(Gentilly Records) February 2009

A Royal St. Serenade cover art
Track Listing:
  1. Back Home Again In Indiana (30 sec mp3)
  2. Too Close For Comfort
  3. A Bienot
  4. A Royal St. Serenade
  5. I'm Sorry I Made You Cry (30 sec mp3)
  6. Aunt Hager's Blues
  7. Love Sends a Little Gift Of Roses
  8. For Pete's Sake
  9. Down By The Old Mill Stream
  10. A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square
  11. Wolf's Gang
  12. A Song For Juliet
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Jason Marsalis, vibraphone; Larry Scala, guitar/banjo; Matt Perrine, bass; "Bunchy" Johnson, drums

Tim Laughlin
“Live in Germany”
(Gentilly Records 252) April 2005

Live in Germany CD cover art
Track Listing:
  1. Crazy Rhythm
  2. Black and Blue
  3. Caravan
  4. Pee Wee's Blues
  5. Bourbon Moon
  6. Petite Fleur
  7. Avalon
  8. Spain
  9. Lover Come Back To Me
  10. Sidewalk Blues
  11. Georgia On My Mind
  12. Palesteena
  13. Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Jack Maheu, clarinet; Tom Fischer, clarinet/tenor sax; John Royen, piano; Matt Perrine, bass/sousaphone; Hal Smith, drums; Ronnie Magri, drums

Tim Laughlin
“The Isle of Orleans”
(Gentilly Records 162) April 2003

Isle of Orleans CD cover art
“If you live in New Orleans and make your living playing traditional jazz, you have some choices as to what music you're going to play.

You can cave in completely to tourist demand and blare out nothing but the Dixieland Top 40 ("Saints", "Muskrat Ramble", etc.), then complain about how little you're working...

...more of Tom McDermott's liner notes and Tim's Thoughts.
Track Listing:
(all songs and lyrics written by Tim Laughlin)
  1. Dumaine Street Breakdown
  2. Restless Heart
  3. Suburban Street Parade
  4. Blues For Faz
  5. I Know I'll See You Again
  6. The Isle Of Orleans
  7. The Gentilly Strut
  8. It's My Love Song To You
  9. Magnolia Dance
  10. March Of the Uncle Bubby's
  11. Crescent City Moon
  12. Monkey Hill
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Connie Jones, cornet; Rick Trolsen & Lucien Barbarin, trombone; Tom McDermott & John Royen, piano; Matt Perrine, bass & sousaphone; John Eubanks, guitar; Neil Unterseher & Frankie Lynne, banjo; Hal Smith, drums; Jason Marsalis, vibraphone; Phillip Manuel, vocals

Tim Laughlin
“Straight Ahead”
(Tim Laughlin Music) March 2001

Straight Ahead CD cover art

“...sweet elegance”
  - Jason Berry, New Orleans Magazine

“A collection of timeless standards and originals composed by Laughlin especially for this album. As one of the few jazz clarinetists recording original compositions, Tim Laughlin takes the sound of his clarinet to yet another level.”

Read what Tom McDermott had to say about "Straight Ahead" in Gambit Weekly.

Track Listing:

  1. The Way You Look Tonight
    (J. Kern)
  2. That Dream Of Mine
    (T. Laughlin)
  3. I Will Wait for You
    (M. Legrand)
  4. Our Romance
    (T. Laughlin)
  5. Judy
    (T. Laughlin)
  6. Wing It
    (T. Laughlin)
  7. He Loves and She Loves
    (G. Gershwin)
  8. You Can't Lose a Broken Heart
    (J.P. Johnson)
PERSONNEL: Tim Laughlin, clarinet; Peter Martin, piano; Bill Huntington, bass; John Eubanks, guitar; Bunchy Johnson, drums & percussion