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A    native   of   New   Orleans,   Tim   Laughlin   fell   in   love   with   the   sound   of   the   clarinet before   he   ever   held   one   after   hearing   a   childhood   friend   practicing   his   clarinet.   He   was nine   when   he   received   his   first   horn   and   shortly   after   became   hooked   on   jazz   after hearing it on the radio. His   first   job   was   on   a   Mardi   Gras   float   when   he   was   only   fifteen.   After   finishing   high school   he   began   working   around   town   and   eventually   joined   the   musicians   union   where he would meet and perform with some of his most influential mentors. He   has   recorded   a   dozen   solo   CDs   among   which   “The   Isle   of   Orleans”   (2003)   is   an award-winning   collection   of   Laughlin   originals.   With   this,   he   was   the   first   New   Orleans clarinetist   to   ever   write   and   record   an   entire   album   of   originals.   The   success   of   this   CD caught   the   attention   of   "Music   Minus   One"   and   prompted   Laughlin   to   license   the   master   for   the   2004   issue, along   with   “New   Orleans   Classics.”   The   CDs   in   the   two   publications   include   hand-picked   musicians   with whom students of all ages can play along. As    Hurricane    Katrina    brought    her    devastation    on    the    Gulf    Coast, Laughlin   and   his   band   drove   overnight   to   catch   their   flight   and   perform at   a   festival   in   South   America.   From   there,   they   watched   the   aftermath of   what   was   to   become   the   worst   natural   disaster   in   US   history.   Just   a week   after,   the   US   State   Department   asked   Tim   to   perform   a   one   month goodwill   “thank   you”   tour   in   Peru,   Mexico   and   Canada.   All   had   given aid    to    Katrina    evacuees.    The    October    2005    tour    included    public concerts,   benefits   and   master   classes   to   elementary,   middle   and   high school   students   as   well   as   college   students.   With   the   students,   the   band performed     and     discussed     the     relevance     and     importance     of     their instruments   and   New   Orleans   Jazz,   Benefits   included   one   in   Merida, Mexico,   raising   over   $30,000   to   help   replace   instruments   and   equipment for the New Orleans Center For the Creative Arts. Recently   in   2009,   Laughlin   along   with   his   good   friend   Pete   Fountain   opened   the   legendary   Blue   Room   at   the newly   renovated   Roosevelt   Hotel   in   New   Orleans,   quickly   selling   out   both   nights. These   days,   one   can   catch   Tim   performing   at   some   of   his   favorite   clubs   in   New Orleans   like   The   Palm   Court,   Bombay   Club,   Snug   Harbor   and   The   Steamboat Natchez.        He    has    been    a    contributing    columnist    for    Jazztimes    and    Offbeat magazines. Tim   and   his   wife   Juliet   live   on   Royal   Street   in   the   French   Quarter.   They   enjoy hosting   small   parties   and   jam   sessions   or   salons   for   friends   and   visitors,   keeping the old New Orleans tradition of “open house.”
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Offbeat Magazine's "Best of the Beat" Award
2003 Best Traditional Jazz CD - "The Isle of Orleans" 2010 Best Clarinetist
New Orleans Magazine - 2000 Jazz All-Star (traditional jazz)
with Jesse Boyd
Satchmo Summerfest 2010 Press Conference
with Connie Jones and Pete Fountain
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Photo by Frank Stansbury
“Mr. Church”  2016 “Blues for Faz” & “Gentilly Strut”